Housing C31 for X-ray tube, IAE

Rotating anode X-ray tube C31 unit specifically designed for mobile equipment.

Suitable for max. 72 mm anode diameter inserts.


Overall length 400 mm
Maximum diameter 134 mm
Tube assembly net weight 15 kg
Nominal X-ray tube assembly voltage 150 kV
Maximum tube assembly heat content 500 kJ (670 kHU)
Maximum continuous heat dissipation 120 W (9600 HU/min)
Minimum tube assembly inherent filtration 1.2 mm Al/ 75 kV
Maximum leakage radiation at 1 m from focal spots 0.18 mGy/h

  • Lead lined aluminum body.
  • Internal pump for oil circulation, to improve thermal exchange.
  • Three devices are present for thermal safety:
    1 a bimetallic thermal switch, fitted externally on the anode end
    2 a bimetallic thermal switch, internally assembled, series connected with stator common cable
    3 a pressure switch
  • H.T. cable socket: Parker type Compact Taper
  • Solutions for higher dissipation available