Рентгеновский кабинет ECLYPSE


Flexible, reliable and robust. These features make the ETS range the perfect solution for tube supporting.
A product developed to best achieve the needs of users with those of technicians in charge of installation.
All mechanical movements for an easier maintenance, several options and accessories available.

Technical information
Longitudinal movement 1850 mm
X-Ray tube rotation ±180°
Stand rotation ±180°
Focal distance from 400 to 2050 mm
Telescopic movement from 580 to 780 mm
Fixed arm 650 mm
Weight 200 kg
Brakes ELM on all movements

Bucky Table

AIN radiologic table is an elegant and strong patient support for all examinations.
A touch of style in the X-Ray room with incredible functional features!
Wide floating movement of the tabletop, with photocell control, can be completed with Potter Bucky detector, portable flat panel or fixed flat panel.
Also available with variable height!

Technical information
Weight 152 kg
Maximum patient weight 200 kg
Available image detectors
Potter Bucky
Longitudinal movement 550 mm
Film-tabletop distance 70 mm
Cassette size up to 43×43 cm
Flat Panel
Longitudinal movementdepending on flat
panel model
Image plan-tabletop distance

Chest Stand

DTR is the perfect completion to a standard bucky room system.
The unit is self balanced, self supporting, incredibly fast to install, smooth and silent in the best interest of patient and user.

Technical information
Buckystand vertical movement from 400 to 1950 mm
Weight 120 kg
Avaiable image detectors
Potter Bucky
Film-tabletop distance 40 mm
Cassette size up to 43×43 cm
Fixed grid device
Film-tabletop distance 25 mm
Cassette size up to 43×43 cm
Flat Panel
Image plan-tabletop distance depending on flat
panel model

See the scheme » Dimensions of ECLYPSE Digital and Analogic X-ray Room »


Рентгеновский кабинет ECLYPSE
Рентгеновский кабинет ECLYPSE
Рентгеновский кабинет ECLYPSE
Рентгеновский кабинет ECLYPSE
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  • Reference for centring Bucky tables and vertical Bucky, laser light centring
    Chest Stand

  • Lateral handgrips
  • Patient arm support
  • A.E.C.: Ready for installation of A.E.C. chambers
  • External cassette holder: Cassette
    Fixed Height Bucky Table

  • Handles
  • Pressing band
  • Lateral cassette support: Cassette size from 13×18 cm up to 35×43 cm
  • Tabletop moving handle
  • A.E.C.: Ready for installation of A.E.C. chambers

Eclypse: an elegant and essential design matches an extraordinary technical quality.
In every element of the system, some details can be featured with a special colour and upon customer demand, a full personalization can be made.

Eclypse is a modular system which combines each element with its special options and accessories to achieve the best solution for all Clinics and Hospitals.

Fully compatible with all mostly used flat panel detectors.
All installed Eclypse are easily upgradable to digital.

System Components*

*Different devices are available under ARCOM approval

X-Ray Tubs

Wide choice of X-ray tubes to best fulfil any technical and diagnostic requirement.
We select the best manufacturers around the world to fit in every budget, being confident of quality and reliability. Heavy duty? Specialized operation? Emergency room?
We have the right solution for every request!

X-Ray Generator

An X-Ray generator is the heart of every radiological system.
Features and performances are important as an easy-to-use interface, involving fast and easy installation requirements.
Good generators are forms of art that require patience, experience and a deep knowledge of cutting edge technology in radiology field.

Power 40kW 50kW 65kW
Nominal High Voltage 150kV 150kV 150kV
RX Tube Highest Current 650mA 650mA 800mA
max mA @ max kV650mA @ 75kV
400mA @ 100kV
300mA @ 125kV
250mA @ 150kV
650mA @ 75kV
500mA @ 100kV
400mA @ 125kV
300mA @ 150kV
650mA 650mA
800mA @ 75kV
650mA @100kV
500mA @ 125kV
400mA @ 150kV
Power Supply400 V three-phase — 50Hz / 60Hz
Inverter frequency 120 kHz
Automatic Exposure Control Ramp function and pulse-signal supported
APR Technique Virtually unlimited
80kW power available on request!